Ninja Foot Spikes

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You can use the Ninja Foot Spikes as a weapon and to climb trees and walls.

Your inner ninja will be unleashed with these foot claws!

You can use your own shoes, or you can use any of our martial arts footwear for these spikes.

These ninja foot claws are made out of a hardened black steel and they have four sharp spikes.

The width is approximately 4.25 inches and the height is approximately 2 inches.

The claws are sold in pairs and come with an adjustable nylon strap that can fit up to 10 inches around to secure to your tabi shoes or tabi boots.

 (Ninja Tabi Boots and Tabi Shoes are sold separately on this site...Click the names to see)

Pair this with the Ninja Hand Claws (click to see) to have a pair for both your hand and your feet!

No one will be able to see you when you climb; well, they will only see you if you want to be seen.

Get yours to become a real ninja today!

Ninja Foot Spikes Highlights:

Hardened Black Steel Construction
Four Sharp Points
Approximate Dimensions: 4.25" by 2"
Adjustable Nylon strap (fits up to 10" around)
Weight: Approximately 5 oz. each
Sold in Pairs

Tabi Boots Not Included