Ninja Hand Claws

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In classic times, ninja assassins would use specially constructed Ninja Hand Claws as a multitool that allowed them to climb trees, scale walls, and slash foes like a cat.

This pair of modern claws take that classic design and use modern materials for an updated experience.

The four sharp claws themselves connect to a steel ring that is 1.25" deep, 1.75" across, and 4.25" wide.

To help the claws stay on your hands, an adjustable nylon strap goes around your wrist.

This strap is one size fits all, as long as your wrist is not larger than 10" in circumference.

Pair the hand claws with our Ninja Foot Spikes (click to see) to have a matching set!

No one will want to mess with you when you have these on!

Ninja Hand Claws Highlights:

Hardened Steel Construction
Four Sharp Points
Approximate Dimensions: 4.25" by 1.75"
Adjustable Nylon strap (fits up to 10" around)
Weight: Approximately 8 ounces
Sold in Pairs