Ninja Stealth Indoor Tabi Shoes- Black

$39.95 $37.95

What does a ninja wear when he wants the grip and versatility of tabi boots but the quiet softness of slippers?

 Stealth Indoor Tabi Shoes, that's what.

Not only are these excellent for indoor practice (or when you need silence for an indoor mission), but their comfort makes them nice for just around-the-house wearing.

More astute costume builders will note that these are also great for ninja costumes worn for cosplay or at (indoor) Halloween parties.

Our only recommendation is that you match them with a black ninja uniform, rather than one of our many color ninja outfits.

Nothing screams inauthentic like a mismatched ninja.

Stealth Indoor Tabi Shoes Highlights:

Velcro closure along the back and ankle high design
Split toe designed to improve the foot's gripping ability
Reinforced cotton bottoms for absolute silence when moving
Ideal for indoor exercise and training, due to cotton construction