4GB Black Pen 256 Hour Digital Voice Recorder

$149.95 $129.95

This Black Pen features 4GB of memory.

The improved design is sleek black with the LED lights inside the cap.

This flexible product will record up to 256 hours of voice recording and functions as a portable USB hard drive and MP3 player.

Great for meetings, lectures, pranks, spy stuff and important document transfer or MP3s.

Listen to play back with earphones or attach to your computer via the USB connection.
• Internal battery lasts up to 6 hours
• AB repeat player
• Reset button
• Computer download recording space: 4GB (up to 256 hours)
Internal rechargeable battery last up to 6 hours (charge through USB port)
AB repeat player
Reset button
Computer download
Recording space: 4GB (up to 256 Hours)
Digital pen recorder and MP3 player
Key chain or neck strap attachment
2 extra pen refills