Spie Stick Escape & Evasion Kit

$59.95 $49.95

The SPIE® Stick is the smallest Escape & Evasion Kit available, yet still cost-effective and full-featured.

It includes 9 tools that enable you to pick and bypass locks, defeat illegal restraint, start a fire and even navigate your way home.

While we carry other small entry tools that can be stored covertly, the SPIE® Stick is purpose-built to be carried overtly in a pocket and hide in plain sight, just as the most popular lip-balm tube would.

Pocket-Sized Escape & Evasion Kit

Overt Design Blends in Perfectly with EDC Contents:

Hook Pick

S-Rake Pick

Tension Wrench

Padlock Bypass Tool

Polymer Handcuff Key

Mini GITD Compass

Diamond Rod

Ferro Rod

Tinder-Quik Fire Tab

Includes branded SPIE® Stick Lip Balm Tube w/ Heat-Shrink Wrapper

Each Tube Pre-Loaded with 9 Tools

Measures: 2.625” Long x .625” Wide

Weighs: .6 oz.