Ninja Tripwire Alarms (12-pack)

$7.95 $4.95

Ninja aren't the only ones to sneak around.

But, with Ninja Tripwire Alarms, you can set up a trap to get your foes to reveal their presence.

Each box contains 12 simple alarms.

These neat little pull string alarms only need the slightest tug before unleashing a loud CRACK and alerting any ninjas in the area to an intruder.

Remember, these are LOUD!

Each of these string poppers measures approximately 11 inches long, so you'll have plenty of string to tie to doors, windows, lockers, or anything that opens! Just use your imagination!

Go ahead, scare some friends today.

Add a few boxes to your cart and brace yourself for retaliation!

Product highlights:

Startlingly Loud - Strike terror into unsuspecting victims!
Versatile Design - Use in doorways, windows, drawers, or just about anywhere!

Great Value - One box contains 12 alarms!
Tripwire Length: 9" (approx.)

An inexpensive alternative to some of our more advanced perimeter defense items (search this website), or add these in addition to cover any gaps in your perimeter defenses.

These are explosives.
Keep them away from children, your eyes, and ears.
They might be small, but a little grit in your eye can be a big pain.
So use common sense!

Buy in bulk so that you can surround your entire campsite or area that you want to defend.

Make several outer and inner circles of defense just in case someone gets by the first one and feels overconfident. 

You will want to add our longer trip wires to these to cover large areas.
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