Ninja Tabi Socks- Black

$22.95 $18.95

Wearing most socks or no socks with with tabi boots can often be uncomfortable.

You may also want to keep your little toes warm while you wear the shoes.

Our Ninja Tabi Socks can be the solution to all of those problems!

These ninjutsu stockings are made out of 100% black nylon and are extremely lightweight, weighing in at 1.2 ounces.

It won't weigh down your feet while you wear your tabi shoes (click to see), and they are the same toe split design as the tabi boots (click to see) as well, which makes them way more comfortable!

These stockings are one size fits most, so anyone from kids to adults can wear these.

Never go sockless in your tabi boots again, these are the perfect solution to tabi boots split toe design!

Ninja Tabi Socks Highlights:

One Size Fits Most
Approximate Weight: 1.2 ounces
Has the Same Split Toe Design as Tabi Boots
100% Black Nylon