Handcuffs- Darby Handcuffs & Escape Tool

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These cuffs were first manufactured in the mid-1800s, and are still used by certain groups in third-world countries.

Since U.S. and other personnel operate in these regions, they are in potential danger of being taken captive by these groups.

We were asked by some chaps working with the British MOD Survival School to develop a tool that made escape possible from these cuffs.

Darby cuffs were designed prior to mass production techniques and standardization.

Spring tension and bolt diameter can vary even from the left cuff to the right cuff!

This tool was designed to work even with these variances.

The Darby Escape Toggle is a tool designed to escape from Darby-style handcuffs.

It’s compact (only 1.5″ long) and discreet (disguised as a functioning zipper-pull toggle).

Its unique design utilizes a special 375 lb. coated Kevlar® cord.

Instructions provided.

Color: Black.

Weight: 0.07 oz.

Made in USA.

We managed to procure a limited quantity of Darby handcuffs, all of which look 50 to 75 years old.

Although some may show a bit of rust, they are all fully functional and provide practical and realistic training devices for the Darby Escape Toggle.