Diversion Safe- Umbrella

$44.95 $39.95

Introducing the Umbrella Diversion Safe Stash Safe.

It's perfect for hiding cash, jewelry, USB drives, Bitcoin wallets or other valuables in plain sight.
Traditional big, bulky home safes are not only immediate targets for criminals, they are too cumbersome for smaller objects and provide little protection when your valuables are on the go.

The Made in America Umbrella Diversion Safe Stash Safe is weighted to feel like the original product and with a threaded, screw off lid that seamlessly integrates into the container, no one will ever know your Umbrella Diversion Safe Stash Safe is actually a safe.

Perfect for your home, vehicle or on the go.

Made in the USA 

Undetectable Screw Off Threaded Lid

Weighted and feels like the original product

Hide, cash, jewelry or anything else in plain site