Flamethrowers- Pulsefire Flamethrower

$899.95 $799.95

The Pulsefire Long Range Torch is a compact and lightweight, fully handheld flamethrower that will send a blast of fire up to 25-feet away with just the press of a button.

Just fill it up with gasoline or a gas-diesel mix, turn on the power and let it rip!

It’s a great way to combat weeds and insect hives, to blast away snow and ice, use for controlled burns and land management, and to use for film special effects or pyrotechnic displays.

The system consists of a high-pressure fuel pump that draws fuel from a 1/4-gallon non-pressurized reservoir and sends it through the nozzle.

When the button is pushed, both the pump and the arc ignition system are activated, which produces a spark between two electrodes placed in front of the nozzle.

The system doesn’t need any type of open flame or pressurized canisters feeding a pilot light.

There’s a voltage gauge on the side of the Pulsefire that will let you know the current battery level with three green LED lights and, full-charged, the rechargeable battery should power the system for at least 15 full tanks of fuel.

The 8 1/2”x 10” flamethrower is made of aluminum, Viton and brass with a powder-coat finish, weighing-in a 6 lbs.

Seriously, there’s nothing cooler than having a fully, handheld flamethrower that shoots a blast of flame up to 25-feet away.