Covert Mirror Hidden Camera w/ Built In DVR

$299.95 $289.95

This Mirror Camera /DVR combo (available in natural brown or black frames) comes with a 12v battery and charger so no external wires are needed to record.

The battery life for this system is up to 10 hours.

The battery can be easily swapped out with a fully charged battery.

Extra batteries not included.

The battery also has an on/off switch to save power consumption when camera is not in use.

This hidden camera comes in a natural wood finish frame or a black frame, it features motion-activated recording that starts as soon as motion is detected.

With motion-activation, you won't have to fast forward through hours of uneventful footage.

Also has Detection Area Masking; which means if you have a dog and don't want it to set off the motion detector, you can mask the lower quarter of the field of vision so its presence doesn't set it off.

You can view your recordings by using the included RCA cable to connect to your TV or computer or insert the SD card into your computer.

FREE 8GB SD-CARD Included.

Color Camera Specifications:

• Image Sensor: 1/3" CCD
• Resolution: 420 Lines
• Min. Illumination: .1 Lux
• Lens: 3.7mm Wide Angle, 92 degree FOV
• Power Required: 12v battery and charger included.


• Motion activated and scheduled recording
• Motion Detection Area Masking, Time and date stamp
• Remote Control operation
• MPEG4 file format, Composite video out.