Book- The Ultimate Survival Guide: The #1 Worst-Case Scenario Survival Book

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Ever wondered what would be your first 3 steps when a sudden and uninvited natural disaster strikes?

Or what will be your course of action when you find yourself under a physical threat?

Or when you find yourself having to shelter with your family to survive?

Find out in this beginner to intermediate-level survival book for adults and get the chance to be prepared for anything that comes your way.


It just takes one bad day to make it all come crashing down...
And turn your life into a deadly nightmare.

But, prior knowledge of what you could do under potentially life-threatening circumstances can save you from becoming "WAS" instead of "IS"!!!

Why is our book different from other survival skills books or prepper books on the market?

Well, for starters, it will not bore you to death.

Usually, books on survival are confusing and hard to understand.

With this survival guide, you will learn some interesting stuff you can easily remember and implement when shove comes to push.

You will feel enlightened and more confident by gaining practical knowledge about every single aspect of survival.

What's included in this Ultimate survival book?

Learn the importance of disaster preparedness, the different preparation stages, and the necessary tools and accessories.

Food is your energy.

Understand edible wild foods like plants and fungi, and learn how to hunt and prepare animals for consumption.

Source your water swiftly.

Learn everything you need to know about finding, collecting, and purifying water.

Learn to start a fire like a pro without a matchstick or conventional fuel.

Thrive in the jungle by learning to build shelter, navigate, and tie knots.

Defend and survive.

Learn to protect yourself from all kinds of attacks and how to be your own doctor.

Going off the grid can be easy.

Learn to build shelter, use free energy, source water, grow your own food, and have mental and physical preparedness.

And much more.

This survival book will surely prepare you for any dangerous situation and give you the confidence to face it.

Order today so you can be ready for whatever life throws at you tomorrow!

176 pages