Zip Tie Escape

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These inescapable, ultra-tight ZIP TIES OF DEATH take only a few seconds for you to shake free!

In fact, bound not only by your wrists with two jumbo 36-inch zip ties, but also with your fingers trapped by two smaller zip ties, you’re able to escape with ease!

Everyone knows that a zip tie or cable tie can get so tight it will pop your little hand right off your wrist!

However, even though these are tightened enough to turn your hands blue, thanks to a little Poor Boy ingenuity you’re able to perform an amazing escape with ungimmicked zip ties, closeup or stage!

Pick two big ‘ole huge guys from the audience and have them zip-tie your hands together.
ZIPPPPP you’re in a tight spot!
How on earth can you get out of these?
Faster than greased lighting, that’s how!
While everyone is watching you struggle with the zip ties, they also see from time to time you have a hand free!

These are genuine, ungimmicked zip ties, yet you can slip into and out of them as if they were rubber bands!

Inspectable, unaltered zip ties!

Everything you need, ready to go!

Huge impact, closeup or stage!

ZIPPPPP it funny! ZIPPPPP it dramatic!

The Zip Tie Escape includes two JUMBO 36-inch wrist shackle zip ties, two FINGER ZIPPER zip ties for the optional fingercuff portion of the trick, and full instructions.

You can perform a comedy routine, like the Comedy Rope Escape, or a dramatic feat, such as Metamorphosis or a Mailbag Escape!

Legendary escape artist Norm Bigelow says, “Aaron, I love your zip tie escape!
I’ve never seen anyone use them so effectively.
It’s a great addition to the world of magic and escapes.
Good for you!”

The included zip ties are regular, ungimmicked zip ties!
With The Zip Tie Escape, you will learn a subtle technique that makes these amazing routines possible.

The spectator tightens the zip ties, yet you’re able to escape without any additional moves or pushing any release buttons.

It’s a cool product… Small price! Huge impact!