WiFi Hidden Spy Camera USB Phone Charger

$159.95 $149.95

High Definition Hidden WiFi Spy Camera Built Into a Functional Phone/Device Charger with Audio


Super Simple QR code or search setup.

This can also be used as a standalone camera, WIFI is not necessary when setup to record to on board SD card.


Get push alerts to your phone with a screenshot when motion is detected.

Motion activated recording to on board SD card.


When set up on Wifi, view the camera live and listen in from anywhere in the world!

Easy Controls with your iPhone, Android, Tablet or PC. Easy to set up and use!


Because chargers are so common in today's modern world this hidden camera will not draw any attention no matter where it is used.

This is a working charger so you can actually charge your phone or other devices while using a hidden camera.

1080p HD VIDEO -

High quality video and audio is recorded. Smooth H.264 format and AVI files.

Our WiFi Internet Streaming AC Adapter / Charger Camera features stunning 1080P HD clear color video and audio recording to an on board SD card and can be viewed live at crystal clear 1080p resolution, allowing you to monitor your home or business right on your smartphone from anywhere in the world.

Setting up this camera is simple and done right on your iPhone or Android phone, and only takes a few minutes.

Just download the free viewing app, scan the QR code on the camera or search for the new camera in the app., and connect to your WiFi network.

It's just that easy, and there's no complicated router settings or configurations needed.

And unlike most home security cameras, there are never any monthly fees or costs to view or even record your video stream.

Recording your video stream is simple - just insert a micro SD card into the hidden card slot.

You can view your recorded video on your PC or Mac computer by removing the memory card and inserting into your computer, and clicking on the files to play.

With the WiFi function, once you hook it up to a WiFi source, you can view this camera from anywhere in the world using a smart phone or device.

The unit comes with software so you can view and download files onto your PC as well.

This camera can be used as a stand alone camera (without WiFi).

It will record to an on board SD card (up to 128 GB) that can be removed and viewed on your computer or other device.


Easy Design, Hide Anywhere

Date & Time Stamp

Wi-Fi remotely controlled & Viewed

Motion Detection and push alarm messages

1080p Full HD resolution streaming

Wi-Fi for remote viewing and recording

Micro SD slot for recording locally


Video Recording Resolution 1080P / 720P / 640P (41080p viewing)

Photo Resolution 2592x1944

Video format AVI

Compressed format  H.264

Frames 25fps

Visual angle 90 degrees

Motion detection record and alert

Minimum illumination 1LUX

Memory card TF card

Memory card max support 128 GB


1mins/ around 20MB depending on resolution setting

Play software  VLCPlayer/SMPlayer

Computer operation system  Windows, MAC OS

Mobile phone operation system-


Web browser-

  IE7 and above, chrome, firefox, safari .etc


1 x Wifi camera Unit

1 x USB cable

1 x User manual

1 x CD drive

Lifetime Tech Premium Tech Support

It is the sole responsibility of the buyer to consult legal counsel for the interpretation of any laws applicable to the area of intended use of this product.

This product should not be used for the purpose of surreptitiously or illegally recording others.


This camera system requires a 2G network and will not work on a 5G network; If you have a 5G network we suggest first checking your router.

Most routers today are dual network (simultaneously put out a 5G and 2.4G signal).