Wi-Fi Light Bulb Camera

$179.95 $139.95

Looking Like one of the most commonplace items you’ll find in a house or office, the Wifi Light Bulb Camera is perfectly designed for recording.

It looks and functions like an everyday light bulb and plugs into any standard socket.

With wifi connectivity, you can watch the live video feed from anywhere.

This device works great for nanny cam monitoring or home security, and blends in for secret filming at the workplace.

The Wifi Light Bulb Camera records HD video in 720p resolution, so important details are always sharp.

With night vision recording, even dark areas are displayed with clarity.

When installed in a ceiling fixture, the camera is well-placed to capture everything in a large room, office or hallway.

The included extender socket gives you access to hard-to-reach fixtures and lets you maneuver the camera for better viewing angles.

Built-in wifi capability allows you to watch video from the camera remotely on your smartphone or tablet.

There's no need to retrieve the camera in order to see what's happening.

You can stay connected to the device and keep track of the video feed in real time.

And since the camera draws power straight from the socket, you don’t have to worry about charging or battery life when you're away.

On a 32GB memory card, the Wifi Light Bulb Camera stores up to 24 hours of HD video.

As an alternative, you can record the video to your phone to save on memory.

Record with motion-activated mode and the camera will only turn on when someone moves in front of the lens.

This feature is great for shooting in places with little traffic and prevents you from going through hours of unimportant footage.

For surveillance at home or work, the Wifi Light Bulb Camera stays undetected and delivers first-rate video you can watch remotely.


  • 720p HD night-vision video and audio recording

  • Fully functional light bulb

  • Wireless device: watch remotely on phone or tablet

  • Up to 32GB of storage space or record to phone

  • Includes night vision

  • Easy set up - plugs straight into light socket

  • Draws power from light socket

  • Excellent nanny cam

  • Perfect for surveillance in: home, office, entryways

  • Includes motion-activated mode

What’s Included:

  • Light bulb camera

  • Light bulb extender socket

  • USB microSD card reader

  • User manual

Warranty Info:

90-Day Limited Warranty