Video Glasses w/ Easy Touch Functionality

$199.95 $149.95

Design plus function, plus performance.

New Insight Video Recording Glasses is a combination of all three.

From the fashionable look to the revolutionary arm control to the 1080p crystal clear video quality, Insight Video Recording Glasses sets a new standard for on-the-go covert operations.

Looking at Insight Video Recording Glasses from across a table or at a bar, no one would ever suspect that this very modern frame was recording 1080p video.

Or that through a well-placed microphone, you were capturing high-quality audio recordings.

And that with its 80-degree field of vision, no details are being missed.

But Insight Video Recording Glasses are all that and more.

The key difference in Insight glasses lies in the arms.

To turn the camera on and off, simply touch the arm frame with your finger for about two seconds.

Or rest your entire hand over the arm. Either way, you’re shooting.

To stop, you do the same thing for about 3 seconds.

With Insight Video Recording Glasses, uploading and downloading video content directly to your PC is finally simple to do.

Just remove the left arm of the Insight frame.

And very cleverly hidden in the nook of the frame is the USB port that allows you to connect to your PC.

You can also store up to 16GB of data on the built-in memory card.

Once the card if full you have the option of continuing to store data by erasing the oldest footage first.

To recharge the built-in 3.7V 280Ah Lipo battery, disconnect either or both arms.

Simply connect the charging battery arm into the charger (included), then plug the USB cable into the 5V DC power adapter (also included).

You’ll get a full charge after about 60 minutes.

One full charge will give you 70 minutes of video recording.

Don’t worry about running out of battery life.

The right arm is a spare power source that can be recharged at the same time you’re recharging the left.

It’s understandable that with its 1080p video quality, fashionable design, and ingenious functionality, you’ll want to show off your Insight Video Recording Glasses.

But as tempting as that might be, you may want to keep all that to yourself.


  • Capture video with super sharp 1080p quality
  • Start and stop recording by just touching the arm
  • See more with an 80-degree field of view
  • Upload or download video content directly to your PC with the USB cable (included)
  • Store up to 16GB of video on the built-in SD card
  • Recharge the built-in 3.7V 280Ah Lipo battery with the charger (included)
  • Get a full charge in about 60 minutes
  • Record video for about 70 minutes on one charge
  • Charge two battery arms at a time
  • Set or change the time stamp on videos

What's Included:

1 x STI Insight 1080p,16GB Video Glasses
2 x Arms (Battery)
1 x Changing Dock
2 x  Nose Pads


1 Year STI Limited Warranty