USB Storage Pen

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USB-C Interface:

The USB flash drive adopts USB Type-C technology, which is very convenient to insert.

The Type-C interface does not require flipping or fumbling, just plug it in directly.

The interface also has reversibility, so there is no need to worry about connection issues.

The USB-C interface of this U disk is also compatible with most new laptops and smartphones, allowing users to easily back up and store data anytime.

High-speed Transmission:

This flash drive uses a USB 3.1 Gen 1 interface, supporting up to 5Gbps data transfer speed, with a read speed of up to 100MB/s and a write speed of up to 50MB/s.

This allows users to quickly back up and transfer large amounts of data without waiting too long.

Even large files, HD videos or high-resolution images can be easily transferred with this U disk.

Large Capacity Storage:

Our U disk offers a storage capacities of 256GB, which are enough to meet the storage needs of different users.

It makes it an ideal choice for storing large files, photos, videos, audios, and other data types.

Users can store the required data at any time and access it anytime.

Multiple Device Compatibility:

In addition to supporting devices with USB-C interfaces, this U disk is also compatible with standard USB-A and Micro USB interfaces.

This means that users can connect this U disk to more devices, not limited to devices that support USB-C interfaces.

No matter which device you use, you can use this U disk for data transfer and storage.

Practical Design:

The portable memory stick adopts a pen-style design, providing a very practical daily or business tool.

It can not only meet your writing needs but also be used for data storage and transfer.

Its minimalist design makes it visually appealing.

In addition, it is equipped with replaceable pen refills and a steel clip for easy portability and privacy protection.

Whether you are in school, office or on the go, this U disk is a very useful tool.