USB Audio Recorder Drive 16GB

$32.95 $29.95

The USB Surveillance Drive is an excellent choice for individuals who require a high-quality audio recording device.

With a storage capacity of 16GB, it provides ample storage space for hours of audio recordings.

This device is ideal for recording lectures, interviews, meetings, and spy stuff.

The on/off switch on the side makes it incredibly easy to use.

The audio recorder is also designed with smart technology that automatically starts recording when it detects sound and stops when there's no sound, ensuring that you don't miss any critical audio.

The USB Surveillance Drive has a range of up to 40 feet, allowing you to record audio from a distance.

It can fully charge in less than two hours, and when it's on, a red light illuminates to indicate its status, which disappears during recording to ensure it doesn't disrupt the audio.