Underwater- Underwater Scooter 2 Pack w/ Accessory Kit

$1,449.95 $1,249.95

Like something James Bond himself would have!

2 Underwater Scooters.

Compact and portable without compromising on performance.

Measuring 14.84*2.75*2.75in and weighing only 3lbs, the Subnado underwater scooter is about the size of a small soda bottle.

It delivers up to 14.33lbs of thrust thanks to its proprietary, highly efficient propulsion system.

Your Subnado goes where you go, conveniently in your carry-on luggage, with an airline-approved 98Wh battery.

Freedom in your hands.

A proprietary and intuitive finger-ring controller lets you control the Subnado water scooter with a single finger.

And with the help of a wide range of accessories and quick-release design, you can attach the Subnado anywhere you like, on your arms or legs, and even a gas cylinder, freeing your hands.

Lock into gear with cruising mode and experience the ultimate freedom.

Fun for all.

Dive deeper with the Subnado sea scooter, encased in a robust and anodized aluminum-alloy housing, it can go as deep as 197ft, enough to meet the needs of most recreational divers.

Don't know how to scuba dive?

Let Subnado boost your underwater fun from snorkeling to your paddle board, and even in the pool.

Kids can join in on the fun with how easy the Subnado is to operate.

A detachable finger safeguard is fitted to reduce the risks of accidental propeller injury.

Capture your moment.

With a mounting ring for accessories, you can add up to 3 extra accessories to the Subnado, including but not limited to a GoPro and underwater fill light, improving visibility and stability for shooting video.

Tackle your next dive with Subnado and capture more stunning footage!

Proprietary battery system.

Using Subnado's advanced 100W fast-charging technology, it only takes 1.2 hours to fully charge its battery, which allows you to cruise through the water for up to 56 minutes.

Charge any electronic device anywhere, anytime with Subnado’s 100W reverse charging.

1 Subnado Accessory Box, Leg mounting kit, 100W Charger, Sup Board Bracket, Extended Thumb Controller*2, Cylinder Bracket.

100W charger:

100W input charger make subnado fully charged in 1.2 hour.

Subnado Wired Thumb Controller(Extended)

Subnado's intuitive and easy-to-use wired thumb controller allows you to control the Subnado's power and gear level freely and smoothly with just a thumb.

Free your hands to carry out tasks such as mask clearing with ease.

Leg mounting kit:

It contains two velcro straps(600mm) and a waist belt.

Fasten the belt around the waist.

Pass the straps on both sides of the waist belt through the holes above the leg mount, and then fix them with nylon straps.

Then use these two velcro straps(600mm) to replace the arm traps on the mount bracket.

Cylinder bracket:

Install the cylinder bracket on the gas cylinder, and the main unit can be installed on the cylinder bracket through the quick release part.

Paddle Board bracket:

Propel any light watercraft with the Subnado.

Effortless gliding on the water so you spend less time paddling and more time enjoying the view.

The bracket can be easily and securely attached to the bottom of a SUP board, kayak, or bodyboard with high-strength nano-sticky pads.