Underwater- Scuba Knife w/ Leg Strap

$24.95 $19.95

Premium Stainless Steel diving knife -

Perfect Tool for Scuba Diving.

The dive knife is made from 440c stainless steel with great sharpness, durability and hardness.

The dive knife has a razor cutting edge and a serrated cutting edge.

The sharp diving knife can offer you great protection when diving and the stainless steel never get rust and could be used for a long time.

Portable Design Diving Knife Set -

The dive knife includes a black diving knife, a heavy duty plastic sheath for the knife, two leg/arm straps and a nylon material sheath for the knife.

The whole knife measures 8.65 inches.

You can carry the thigh knife holster kit anywhere you want.

Multiple Function Knife -

Tactical Knife, Defensive Tool for you!

The tactical knife could be used for multiple purposes.

Apart from cutting, the tactical knife could be used for digging.

  It can be a good choice as a tactical knife when snorkeling, hiking, rescuing, camping, etc.

User-friendly Design -

One Button Quick Release Sheath and Comfortable Handle.

The heavy duty plastic sheath uses a single action locking system to make sure holding the knife securely, and at the same time you can take it out easily when needed.