Underwater- Professional Scuba Diving Headlamp / Flashlight

$99.95 $69.95

3 in 1:

Can be worn as a diving headlamp on your forehead, clipped on diving mask or strapped on your hand as a diving flashlight or a standard flashlight clipped to anything.

Super Bright Diving Headlight:

XM-L2 LED emits 1200 lumens of brightness with a visible beam distance up to 200 meters.

Reliable Professional Scuba Diving Headlight

Underwater Waterproof:

IPX68 waterproof rated, every diving flashlight has passed the water pressure test of 80 meters underwater.

The dive light is powered by 4800mAh rechargeable battery, supports 2- 12 Hours running rime, 2 times higher capacity than other products in the market.

The underwater flashlight with 4 modes:

high light- 1200 lumens
medium light- 800 lumens
low light- 200 lumens
strobe light- 1200 lumens

The diving headlamp comes with 2 batteries (4800mAh), powered by 1 battery and the other as a backup battery.

The DH20 diving head flashlight has a power indicator, shows the battery life, and makes diving trips safer.

3IN1 rechargeable headlamp:

Can be worn on the head as a diving headlamp, can also be strapped on the hand as a diving flashlight, can also be used as a standard flashlight with a clip, it's a versatile dive light great for scuba diving, caving, spearfishing, camping, hiking, etc. outdoor sports.

 Memory function:

The diving headlamp has a built-in memory chip, so when you turn on the light, the light mode will return to the mode you used last time.

Lockable switch:

In order to prevent inadvertent turning on during the journey and wasting electricity, the scuba dive headlights are set up with a lockable switch, long press for 5 seconds, the lights flash twice, at which point the switch is locked and cannot be turned on.