Ultraviolet Tracking Powder

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Ultraviolet Tracking Powder can identify a theft suspect, catching them red-handed! (Actually, blue-handed).

This unique fluorescent tracking powder readily transfers from objects to the fingers and hands when touched.

It remains invisible except when viewed under ultraviolet (UV) light.

Anyone who's touched it can be identified, as their hand will fluoresce a bright blue color when viewed under UV light.

Until now, a format that provided easy and efficient application of ultraviolet powder hasn’t been available.

But this new product has changed all that — the powder is contained inside a patented powder sprayer device, which instantly and cleanly deploys a standardized application in a consistent amount and pattern each time.

To deploy, aim the nozzle at the target object or area from a few inches away and then press the actuator all the way down a couple of times.

It features a directionally-adjustable spray nozzle, which also prevents accidental discharges when in its locked position.

This economical unit provides about 3000 sprays — less than a penny per pump!

Fluorescence is the phenomenon in which certain materials absorb ultraviolet energy and re-emit this invisible radiation in the form of visible colored light.

Fluorescence occurs only while activated by UV rays; once they are removed the fluorescent glow ceases.

The best fluorescent responses occur in darkness or under low-level lighting conditions.

Utilization options for ultraviolet powder are extensive, including applying to objects prone to theft, fire alarm pull handles, door knobs, keyboards, etc.

Powder is recommended for indoor applications, and paste for vertical surfaces and outdoor applications.

(To make a UV paste, simply apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly to the object and then spray the powder onto that.)

A recommended UV light source for use with this product is our Ultraviolet LED Flashlight. (Click to See)

Dimensions: 4.5” x 1.3”.

Made in USA.

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