Ultraviolet Powder PIN Detection Kit

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While there are other ways of capturing access control PIN numbers and alarm system codes, this very low-tech attack vector can be used in situations when electronic interception isn't feasible.

A small application of UV-reactive powder can be brushed across a PIN pad in an unobtrusive manner -- in daylight and to the naked eye it will either be imperceptible or look like little more than white dust -- with the aim of capturing the latent marks from a legitimate user's authentication at that station.

This attack does not tend to be effective at high-traffic access points where multiple parties are pressing a wide range of digits, however for something like an alarm system keypad which is perhaps operated only once or twice per day, an insider attack may have particular success.

After application of the powder to the keypad, once you suspect that a legitimate user may have pressed specific keys, capture a photograph or take a glance at the keypad while illuminating it with the included UV micro light.
Keys that have been pressed may appear to glow less than keys which are not part of the code in use.

Kit includes a tin of UV-reactive powder, a compact collapsible applicator duster, and a keychain UV light.

NOTE - to reduce the chance of forensic detection, wiping the keypad clean with a damp cloth or sponge after you learn the PIN may be wise, so as to reduce the remnants of powder that was applied during the attack.