Triple Edge Polymer Spike

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This Triple Edge Polymer Spike is a lightweight, inconspicuous self defense weapon that you can easily carry along with your other everyday carry items!

This thin nonmetal weapon is 8" long and only about 0.5" in diameter, narrow enough to fit in your bag, purse, or pocket.

Weighing just 0.8 oz, it is lighter than a smartphone!

Just because it is lightweight and portable, however, doesn't mean that this self-defense weapon isn't durable or functional.

This non-metal everyday carry weapon is constructed from high strength, abrasion resistant composite plastic.

Its 3.125" blade comes to a sharp point and has a triangular shape, making this weapon able to inflict painful cuts.

Like other spike weapons and daggers, the triangle blade of this self defense spike can inflict deep puncture and stab wounds as well!

Thanks to its sturdy construction and length, this plastic spike dagger can also be used like a kubotan.

The end of the 4" handle is rounded and has a convenient hole for attaching this polymer weapon to a lanyard or string.

The textured grip on the handle improves your hold on this weapon so you do not need to worry about it slipping out of your palm while you defend yourself.

In addition to having a variety of defense applications, this plastic spike can also serve as a hidden weapon.

Like other practical self defense weapons, the entire spike weapon is black, great for concealing or hiding!

Nonmetal weapons like this black Triple Edge Polymer Spike make potent everyday carry weapons because they are lightweight, portable, and effective.

It's time to add one more item to your mental checklist before you leave the house!

Get one of these black plastic spikes for yourself and others you know to equip them for a self-defense situation!

Triple Edge Polymer Spike Highlights:

Composite Plastic Construction
Dark Black Color
Triangular Blade
Overall Length: 8"
Blade Length: 3.125" (approx.)
Handle Length: 4" (approx.)
Diameter: 0.5" (approx.)
Lightweight - Only 0.8 oz! (approx.)
Texturized Grip
Hole for Lanyard or String
Great Everyday Carry Weapon!