Trip Line Radio Alert

$279.95 $249.95

The new Trip Line Radio Alert™ is a trip-line activated early warning long-range intrusion detector alarm which alerts you via an audible indication while the intruder remains unaware of the activation.

It’s simple to operate, and utilizes FRS radios to send you the intrusion alert.

It has a range of about one mile!

The field-deployed transmitter unit is housed in a compact O-ring sealed weather-resistant case, which the trip-line easily plugs into.

Our proprietary electronic modifications to the transmitting radio enable it to draw zero battery power until it’s activated, allowing it to remain in the standby mode indefinitely.

The transmitter radio is powered by three AAA alkaline batteries.

The receiver radio is powered by three rechargeable AAA batteries.

Includes transmitting radio in case, receiver radio, Trip Plug, all 6 batteries, USB charging cord, one 75 ft. spool of Ballistic Trip Line™,  and mounting hardware.

Transmitter case size: 6.7” x 4.5” x 1.7”.

Made in USA.