Diversion Safe- Toilet Paper Roller Safe

$19.95 $17.95

This innovative new safe can securely hide your small valuables, safeguarding them from both the casual snoop and the professional burglar.

Yet it allows you quick and convenient access whenever needed.

Its a fully functional toilet paper roller, something so common that nobody gives it a moment’s thought.

But this one provides a hidden internal compartment, perfect for storing a thumb drive, memory card, cash, jewelry, or other small valuables.

The contents remain silent even while the device rolls – just fill any empty space with toilet paper (which should be handy).
Great for traveling too – take one with you for a secure storage option most anywhere you go.

Compatible with all standard toilet paper rolls and dispensers.

Compartment size: 3.5″ length x 1″ diameter.

Color: White.

Toilet paper not included.