Toilet Paper Packets- 1000 Count (Bulk)

$400.00 $200.00

1000 Count
(.20 cents each)

These compact toilet paper packets are made to US Department of Defense specifications, and are the same ones issued to US troops as a component of MRE meals.

Each packet contains twelve 2-ply tissues, folded into a paper wrapper measuring just 1.25″ x 2.5″ x 0.5”.

A great item for vehicle glove boxes, backpacks, survival kits, etc.
Much easier to stash a few of these in your pocket or backpack than to carry a whole roll of toilet paper around.

Fits nicely in all the little empty spaces in your bug out bag and adds additional padding and protection to your other equipment as well.

They’re also ideal for use by correctional institutions where inmates attempt to intentionally clog toilets.
These individual packets can put you back in control of how much toilet paper is used on a daily basis in your facility.

Available in quantities of 1000 packet increments.
For larger orders and bulk pricing, contact
Made in USA.