Titanium Insta-Probe

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Tasked with creating a unique new tool for EOD applications which could instantly transform from a compact format to full size, we created the Titanium Insta-Probe™, an advanced iteration of our popular Titanium Ice Pick.

It has a carry length of just 3.87", yet it self-assembles upon release to 10.25" length in less than a second!  

Constructed of titanium, so it's strong, durable, non-corroding, and has no magnetic signature.

And its ultra lightweight — it weighs less than an ounce!

The probe has a sharpened tip, so it can also be deployed as a last-ditch self-defense tool if required.

The tip remains unexposed in the carry format to avoid accidental punctures.

The titanium features a bead-blast finish to provide mar resistance and low reflectivity.

Includes a matte black flexible carry/storage pouch.

Weight: 0.96 oz (w/o pouch), 1.32 oz (w/pouch).
Length: 3.87" compacted, 10.25" extended. Diameter: 5/16".

Caution: sharp tip.

Made in USA.

Click to view video: https://youtu.be/9_crlGHpfqI