Tactical Thunder Sound Grenades - CO2 Cartride 12 Pack

$11.95 $9.95

Make sure you never run out of Valken 12 g CO2 Cartridges!

Useful in a wide assortment applications, these high performances cartridges are crucial to any well stocked emergency shelter, bug-out bag, supply cache, gun cabinet/safe and more.

They’re the perfect power source for airguns, airsoft pistols, paintball pistols and virtually any other compressed gas-operated guns, as well as Valken’s line of effective, deafening Tactical Thunder Sound Grenades sold on this site.

Filled with 12 g of liquid CO2 (becomes gas upon release), these top quality one-time-use cartridges are forged with a tough metal alloy that can “take the pressure” of all that compressed carbon dioxide for years, even in harsh outdoor conditions – perfect for long term storage as part of your crisis preparedness supply.

A single 12-pack is never enough to keep on hand at any time, but thankfully, our low, low prices make it easy to stock up with enough Valken 12 g CO2 Cartridges to see you through any emergency or disaster, no matter how devastating or sudden.

  • Powers wide variety of guns, devices
  • Great for air, airsoft and paintball guns
  • Use with Tactical Thunder Sound Grenades (sold on this site)
  • Tough metal alloy holds up under pressure
  • Each cartridge filled with 12 g compressed CO2
  • Box includes twelve single-use cartridges
  • Crucial for emergency cache, bug-out bag and more