Switchblade Handcuff Key

$29.95 $27.95

We threw out all the tired old conventions about handcuff keys and designed the new Switchblade Handcuff Key from scratch.

Unlike thin pen-style keys which require grasping with fingertips, it has appropriate size and depth for secure and comfortable grasping.

And unlike handcuff keys whose design usually relegates them to being carried in a pocket, it provides the option of wearing on your duty belt, just like all the other basic tools you carry.

Its smooth design without any sharp protrusions affords a professional look. The Switchblade Handcuff Key has a quality “switchblade” deployment of the key, with an assertive action and sound. Its large activation button provides reliable deployment, even when wearing gloves.

The double-lock pin is activated by a separate button, and springs straight out with a “stiletto” action. Although thoroughly a professional product, it also has an intangible element – it’s cool. Very cool.

Chassis dimensions: 1.76″(l) x 1.28″(w) x 0.71″(d).
Weight: 1.4 oz.
Materials: chassis is grivory, key and double-lock pin are matte finish stainless steel, and the clip is steel.
Made in Canada.

Note: the term “switchblade” is descriptive of a mechanism; this device is not a knife and has no blade.