Survival Multi-Tool Fishing Cards

$24.95 $19.95

Made from 304 stainless steel.

Credit Card Survival Tool 4 Packs Multifunctional Tiny Survival Card!

Lots of tools including knives, dual-edged saw, fish hooks, arrows, lures, tweezer, needles and more on one card, very handy to have around.

Perfect for fishing, camping, hiking, hunting, backpacking and a wide range of other outdoor hobbies.

Durable & Easy to Carry.

Made of 304 stainless steel, corrosion-resistant, Average only 0.56 oz per piece and no bigger than the size of a credit card, light and thin, doesn't take much space in your bug-out bag, glove box, backpack or first aid kit.

Complete your Survival Gear and Disaster Preparedness supplies with this Durable Thin Stainless Steel Designed for Safe, Easy Separation of Tools, While intentionally strong and Conveniently Compact Credit Card Multitool.

Fits perfectly in your Bug Out Bag or wallet.


Intelligent design with a variety of fishing and hunting tools, Smallest, Lightest, Most Comprehensive, Wallet-Carry, Emergency / Survival Kit ever Designed.