Survival Flasks (3 Pack)

$15.95 $12.95

This 3-piece survival flask set is essential for any outdoor gear, bug-out bag or emergency cache.

It includes three reusable flasks, a handy funnel for spill-free pouring and built-in carabiners for convenient transport.

The flasks are tough yet lightweight, and you can flatten, fold or roll them for compact storage.

Made of an advanced, BPA-free polymer, each flask is freezable and dishwasher safe.

Screw-on pop caps eliminate leaks and allow for quick, easy drinking on the go.

  • Essential for any outdoor gear or emergency kit
  • Includes two 20-oz flasks and one 26-oz flask
  • Fold, roll or flatten for compact storage
  • Built-in carabiners for easy transport
  • Screw-on pop cap eliminates leaks
  • Includes funnel for spill-free filling