Survival Cane

$49.95 $47.95

From providing a sure footing in rough terrain to self-defense and more, you can always "lean on" Night Watchman's Survival Staff!

This handy multipurpose tool is made of tough-yet-lightweight injection-molded nylon, reinforced with advanced glass fibers.

The removable rubber toe boosts walking stability, while the textured T-grip handle provides a comfortable, slip-free hold.

Bitter points on both ends of the handle yield potent stopping power when utilized as a defensive tool.

The survival staff even extends your self-defense advantage by an impressive 3'!

Stay safe - don't take a step without Night Watchman's Survival Staff in hand!

Practical self-defense tool you can count on
Made of reinforced injection-molded nylon
Textured T-grip handle with pointed tips
Removable slip-free rubber toe
Overall length: 37 1/16"