Stun Gun Zap Cane

$159.95 $149.95

The Stun Gun Zap Cane is the perfect choice for those who want the reassurance of a self-defense weapon without having to carry one.

The Stun Gun Zap Cane is the perfect non lethal self-defense weapon for anyone who wants to be prepared for any situation.

The Stun Gun Zap Cane is hidden in the shaft of the cane, making it unnoticeable to others until it is needed.

The Stun Gun Zap Cane delivers a true 1,000,000 volts with the maximum amps allowed by law of stopping power to an assailant, stunning and disabling them without causing long-term harm.

The Stun Gun Zap Cane is also equipped with an LED flashlight, making it ideal for walks in the park or whenever the assistance of additional light is required.

The Stun Gun Zap Cane model is the NEW and improved version of the popular original ZAP Cane.

The Stun Gun Zap Cane taser is hidden in the cane shaft, so it is not visible to others when not in use.

  When the stun gun is needed, the 5” long multiple stun electrodes stun gun is easily pulled from the cane body from the countered can handle and is ready to protect you.

This model zap cane power source is rechargeable with the new USB internal smart charging system.

The USB stun cane charging cord is included along with a custom fit cane case to protect your investment.

Two rubber cane bottom foot pads are included for additional cushion and stability.

Included on the cane shaft is a removable reflective safety band to use at nighttime to increase visibility is dark or low light situations.

Stay safe and sound with the Stun Gun Zap Cane by PS Products with its exclusive US patent design.

The covert cane is a walking stick for protection and functionality with an adjustable length between 30.5” to 37.5” inches with a weight holding weight capacity of up to 400 Lbs. per manufacture published specifications.

Zap Stun Guns is the leading brand in non lethal US patent products and  now you have the benefit of non lethal technology every day with the Stun Gun Zap Cane!