Throwing- Steel Throwing Cards- Royal Flush- Hearts

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A royal flush is a once in a lifetime hand that a poker player would never want to let go.

These Royal Flush Steel Throwing Cards, however, are designed to be thrown!

This set of five playing card throwing weapons belongs in the hands of card sharks (sharps) and throwing weapons enthusiasts alike!

Every card game player looks for a competitive advantage to win the match.

With these playing card throwers, you'll have a competitive edge of your own: the razor sharp edge of a throwing card weapon!

These throwing playing cards have the image of a card on the face of each thrower.

From the 10 up through the Ace in the suit of either hearts or spades (your choice or get both), this set of five playing card throwing weapons look like the cards from standard deck of paper cards.

The five cards are based on the ace-high straight flush hand (A, K, Q, J, 10), or royal flush, which the best hand in poker without wild cards.

Each sharp card thrower is 2.125 inches x 3.375 inches, slightly smaller than an average playing card.

With a white face and back, these throwing weapons resemble their harmless counterparts save for one key aspect: the sharpened steel edges!

Weighing just 2.1 ounces, each throwing weapon in this set of throwing cards is just as potent as the poker hand it was designed after.

Constructed from 1065 German surgical steel, these playing card throwers are durable and resistant to corrosion and wear.

These throwing blades are not your ordinary playing cards, so they can't be slipped into a traditional deck.

However, they can be slipped into the sleeves of their own black nylon carrying case.
With five slots, one for each steel thrower, this case folds into a compact rectangle with secure snaps to fasten it.

The case plus all five cards weighs 13.8 ounces.

With a handy belt loop, you can bring this pack of throwing cards with you as you go to your next card game, ready to impress your friends with both your card game and throwing weapon skills!

Cards come and go during the flow of a card game, but these Royal Flush Steel Throwing Cards are the cards that you will love to watch leave your hand as you throw them!

Add this throwing playing card set to your collection of throwing stars and throwing knives!

Royal Flush Steel Throwing Cards Set Highlights:

1065 German Surgical Steel Construction
Includes Five (5) Throwing Cards
Royal Flush Design - Looks Like Playing Cards!
Dimensions: Approx. 2.125 inches x 3.375 inches
Weight (One Card): Approx. 2.1 ounces
Black Nylon Carrying Case with Belt Loop
Overall Weight (Cards + Case): 13.8 ounces (approx.)