Spy Pen Video/Audio Recorder (4 GB)

$89.95 $79.95

If you want to record video quickly and easily when you’re on the go, this is the device for you.

The Video / Audio Surveillance Pen can go virtually anywhere with its compact sleek design.

Use it to record business meetings and lectures, capture a quick conversation, or to get evidence of someone doing something inappropriate at the office.

Record video everywhere you go with the Video / Audio Surveillance Pen.  

Designed for  surveillance, the Video / Audio Surveillance Pen looks and works like a normal fountain ink pen.

It’s small enough that you can easily carry it around in your pocket, a briefcase, or in the front of your shirt.

If someone has been mistreating you around the office, you can use the Video / Audio Surveillance Pen to get all the evidence without bringing attention to yourself.


The device records full 640p SD video and audio.

It has enough resolution to capture important details and faces from across the room.

The lens of the camera is compactly placed  just above the pen clip, making it easy to get the perfect shot.

Just hold the pen upright and you’ll have a full view of everything that’s happening right in front of you.


This compact camera has everything you need to record video when you’re out and about.

It comes with 4GB of internal memory and can store 2 hours of video.

You don’t have to worry about buying an additional memory card.

The battery lasts up to one hour, giving you the freedom to record important moments when you’re moving from place to place.


The Video / Audio Surveillance Pen is extremely easy to use.

You can start recording video with a single touch.

When you’re finished recording, just unscrew the top half of the device and plug it into the USB slot on your computer.

You can transfer and manage all of your files in just a few seconds.


Simply put, the Video / Audio Surveillance Pen is one of the most affordable security cameras on the market today.

From extreme situations to recording your thoughts on the subway, this handy device does it all.

Record stunning videos at a moment’s notice with the Video/Audio Spy Pen.


  • Perfect for: surreptitious recording
  • High Resolution Video & Audio Recording
  • Fully Functioning Pen
  • Includes 4 GBs of Internal Memory
  • Battery life of 60 Minutes

What’s Included:

  • 1 x Video / Audio Spy Pen - 4GB
  • 1 x USB cable


90 Day Limited Warranty

  • Charge your pen via a wall outlet