Spy Black Cap w/ Hidden Video Recorder

$99.95 $89.95

This cap lets you record high quality undercover videos wherever you go and without anybody knowing the better.

That's because the spy camera is actually hidden behind the cap and the extremely small pinhole lens is hidden within a rivet in the hat, so even if people are looking directly at the cap, they still won't be able to notice the extremely hidden video lens! 

This cap support TF cards up to 8GB of memory so you will have enough storage capacity to capture hours of high quality undercover videos with audio.

Video is recorded at 640x480 resolution and 30FPS which gives you nice and detailed spy videos.

Using this spy device is quick and easy too.

Just turn it on and press the record button on the remote to begin recording, press it once more to stop and save.

The design of this spy cap is modern and stylish enough to wear with any casual style clothing and can be used just about anywhere you go. 

If you are looking for a virtually undetectable spy camera that you can use anywhere you go then you have found the right product.


  • Memory: TF card, supports up to 8GB, (not included)
  • USB plug and play ready
  • One size fits all adjustable size
  • Virtually undetectable spy camera
  • Takes AVI videos at 640x480 and 30FPS
  • Takes JPG photos at 1600x1200
  • Stylish design matches casual clothing
  • Capture high quality audio and video

This spy camera baseball cap can be used by detectives, undercover agents, or for just taking pictures.

Let lose the 007 agent inside of you. 

What are you waiting for? Come, purchase it now!