Sonic Nausea

$42.95 $39.95

Sonic Nausea is a small electronic acoustic generating device which can really turn one’s stomach.

It generates a unique combination of high-pressure sound waves which soon leads most in its vicinity to queasiness.

It can also cause headaches, intense irritation, sweating, imbalance, and nausea.

Hiding this device in your inconsiderate neighbor’s house might put an end to their late-night parties.

The abusive bureaucrat’s office, the executive lunchroom… the possibilities are endless for that small portion of inventive payback.

Its sound wave characteristics make directional source determination difficult.

This is the new upgraded version Sonic Nausea, featuring an enhanced custom-built transducer which provides triple the pressurized output of the previous one.

Powered by one 9-volt battery (included) which can power the unit for up to 100 hours of continuous use.

Each unit can cover one average size room.

Use with extreme discretion.