Smart Electric Suitcase Scooter

$1,999.95 $1,449.95

Not all Spy Gadgets have to be about hidden cameras, stealth weapons or secret hidden lock picks.

Here's something that Q would make for James Bond after he was injured and had trouble getting from one international location to another....a suitcase that turns into transportation at the press of a button!

Sean Connery: "Q, I need you to make me a "Schooot case that's also a schkooter."


The Smart Electric Suitcase Scooter is a smart suitcase that can transform into a scooter in one-second.


It is innovated for transportability so that you can never again experience becoming sweaty because of heavy bags.


The Smart Electric Suitcase Scooter can carry on luggage up to 29.3L big volume, with a reasonable partition, so you can use every inch space effectively.


With overall reinforcement, it ensures that the box withstands greater external pressure.


The Smart Electric Suitcase Scooter features an Ergonomic handle design, an External USB charging port, a built-in speaker to play music, and many more.


Its battery is easy to disassemble and has a pluggable design, that does not just make it easy to disassemble and replace but will also upgrade the battery life.


  • High-definition LED display
  • Smart APP
  • Strong motor
  • Mobile charging station
  • One-touch telescopic handle
  • Hidden stretchable rod
  • Branded PC-ABS material
  • BMS(battery management system)
  • Music accompany Bluetooth speaker
  • Strong power
  • Dual mechanical coded lock design
  • Dynamic waterfall light
  • Electronic brakes


Due to manufacturing and rigorous quality inspection, please allow a 45 day lead time when ordering.

Available in either Black or Silver.

Available in Compact or Full Size

Weight Capacity: 220 lbs.
Product Weight: Compact: 16.5 lbs. / Full Size: 31.97 lbs.
Overall Width: Compact: 14'' / Full Size: 19.25"
Overall Height: Compact: 22" / Full Size: 22.83"
Folded Depth: 19.25"
Folded Height: 22.83"
Max Speed: Compact: 5 MPH / Full Size: 6.2 MPH