Slingshot- Replacement Tubing Heavy Duty- 4 Count

$22.95 $19.95

SECURELY TIED for greater durability and longer lifespan than other brands (who simply pass the tube through the hole punched in another end.)

COMPATIBLE with most insert-yoke-into-tube style slingshots, including TRUMARK, Daisy, Barnett, Marksman etc.

CENTER-PUNCHED POUCH made from microfiber leather.

It is super light, durable and grippy.

With the center-punched hole, you can easily center your ammo in the pouch for safety and accuracy.


We use high quality undyed natural latex-medical grade surgical tube.

Chemical dyes and artificial elastics make your slingshot/catapult slower.

Our undyed natural latex give you superior speed, power, and reliability.


Inner Diameter : ~4 mm. Outer Diameter: ~8 mm. Length: 54.5 cm.

You may trim the active length to best suit your needs.

The "sweet spot" is considered an elongation factor of 5.

For example, if your draw length is 80 cm, you may want to cut your bands to 16cm in length.

See pictures to know how to measure your draw length easily.