Sjambok All Leather Short Defensive Whip

$64.95 $49.95

Inspired by the heavy leather whip of African origin that was used to drive cattle, the Night Watchman Sjambok is also great for self-defense against assailants whether animal or human.

It is genuine, handwoven brown leather from end-to-end with a fiber core for part of its length so that it's partially rigid.

The whip has a knob handle with a wrist strap to keep it securely in your grasp.

The self-defense tool is great when you're out walking the dog at night, when you're on the hiking trail and when you're on the bank of a river or pond.

The Night Watchman Sjambok can be used to fend off assailants and aggressive animals and test for snakes in high grass.

It is handwoven of leather with a core for part of its length to make it rigid and it has a knob handle with a wrist strap.

The self-defense whip is 46" in overall length