Silver Stun Gun Pen

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Would you like to carry a self-defense weapon right in your shirt pocket without anyone knowing it's there?

Enter the Silver Stun Gun Pen, an easily concealed taser pen that fits right in with your ballpoint pens, but comes with a shocking surprise!
This electroshock weapon has an aluminum body with a chrome color finish, so it's both lightweight and professional looking.

This 6.25-inch pen stun gun is around the same size as an ink pen or laser pointer, making it discrete and easy to attach to your pocket or belt with the included metal clip.

Using your self-defense pen taser is almost as easy as using a writing utensil.

The safety switch must be engaged to operate it, so you won't have to worry about accidental shock discharges.

You'll know your weapon is ready to use because the blue battery indicator lights will be on.

These lights mean your personal security device is activated, with the added benefit of letting you know when you need to use the included USB cord to charge your stun gun back up.

With the safety switch engaged, stunning an assailant requires the simple push of the round black button.

We recommend reading the included manual for operation instructions and important safety information.

Effects range from pain and minor muscle contractions to loss of balance and muscle control.

It's extremely important to never shock someone for longer than 5 seconds, as this can cause serious injury.

It never hurts to have some added protection when you need it.
This personal taser is a good backup to other more powerful everyday carry weapons, as well as a possible deterrent to assailants who are counting on an easy victim.

It's a self-defense device that's small, easy to hide, and simple to use.
Get one for yourself and one for someone you care about today.

Silver Stun Gun Pen Highlights:

Chrome Color
Aluminum Construction
Length: 6.25" (approx.)
Pocket Clip
Safety Switch
Battery Indicator Lights
Includes USB Cable
Easy to conceal

Note: Please be aware that voltage output is difficult to measure and verify.
However, we personally tested this stun gun and it is very powerful. It hurts A LOT!

Please use as a self-defense weapon ONLY.