Self Defense Pen

$24.95 $19.95

The Amend2® Self-Defense Pen is a powerful tool for personal safety in a sleek and discreet package.

Crafted from the incredibly durable G10 material, this pen is built to withstand the toughest conditions while offering a reliable means of self-defense.

With its ergonomic design and comfortable grip, it feels natural in your hand, allowing you to confidently protect yourself when needed.

This self-defense pen seamlessly combines functionality and style.

Stay prepared and empowered with the Amend2 Self-Defense Pen by your side.

Amend2® Self Defense Pen is designed to blend in like a typical marker.

Full-length G10 core provides impact resistance and durability.

Minimalist design with no metal components.

Not an actual pen.

Available in 1 Pack, 2 Pack or 5 Pack.