Ninja Caltrops- Commercial Road Stars Extra Large (40 Pack)

$249.95 $224.95

Road Stars can be deployed to create instant roadblocks, prevent parked vehicles from fleeing, provide perimeter security, protect private property, etc.

Despite their compact size, portability, and field-expediency, nearly any vehicle’s tire driving over one will experience a rapid deflation.

No matter how a Road Star is thrown on the ground, one spike will always land straight up.

This newly updated and improved model features laser cut rectangular spikes which in addition to the point also have multiple knife-like edges to ensure that the air escapes.

Use only with extreme caution and discretion in a lawful and appropriate manner; you are responsible for each deployment and its consequences.

Overall height: 3.06”. Weight: 2.9 oz.

Made in USA.

Available in packs of 4 and 40.