Readyman- Hostage Escape Card

$19.95 $12.95

The Hostage Escape Card (Kidnap Escape) was designed by our Special Forces Cadre to be your discreet and constant companion.

It features an array of implements to assist with the escape of unlawful restraints. 

You can easily carry it in a wallet or pocket and each individual tool can be removed for even more concealed carry options.

 You will be able to defeat handcuffs, cut through rope, tape, wood, zip-ties and even pick locks!

Don’t know how to pick locks? Don’t worry, we have lock picking manuals, downloadable PDFs and other lock picking kits that come with manuals on our website under the Houdini Store tab on the main page . 

So put something in your wallet that can get you OUT of trouble! Pick up your Hostage Escape Card and join the ranks of those who stand ready.

The ReadyMan Hostage Escape Card features:

- Stainless Steel

- Saw

- Handcuff Shim

- Rake

- Tension Wrench

- Made in the USA

- Only weighs 12 grams (.42 oz)