Quarter Cutter

$39.95 $37.95

The blade of this covert escape knife is concealed inside of a quarter!

It features an aggressive circular blade crafted of superior quality Japanese steel.

It can cut cord, rope, duct tape, and plastic zip-ties, increasing your odds of escaping unlawful captivity.

It’s a potentially life-saving tool for undercover operatives and even civilians traveling in hostile regions.

The Quarter Cutter™ was designed to be both clandestine and pre-positioned for deployment.

Rarely does anyone pay much attention to coins, even during searches.

Keep this device along with some regular coins in your pant’s back pocket, and it can be quickly accessed even with your hands bound behind your back.

To expose the blade, the coin separates into two parts, one which functions as the blade’s solid grip handle.

The two portions of the coin are held securely together with a rubber O-ring which is concealed in a channel around the coin’s perimeter.

Made in USA.

Designed like our Fifty Cent Covert Knife but in a smaller, easier to conceal size.

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