Prison Pens (Case of 100)

$65.95 $59.95

A pen is a potentially dangerous weapon in the hands of a prisoner.
So why would you give them one?

The Prison Pen™ is made with a soft rubbery material that bends under the slightest pressure, making it nearly impossible to do lethal damage with it.

It's as close to a stab-resistant, non-lethal weapon you can get, while still providing the subject with a workable ballpoint pen to write with.

It's ideal for use in interview rooms, holding cells, and in any prison or jail environment.

You go to great lengths to confiscate any potential weapon when taking a prisoner into custody, so why would you want to hand him one afterward?

This pen is now in use in most U.S. federal prisons.

Each pen can write for over 3500 feet.

Length: 4.5".

Made in U.S.A.

Good for prisoners, children or customers; all of whom can "shank" you with no notice.