Pocket Chainsaw with Paracord Handle

$24.95 $19.95

Sharp & Quick

This portable chain saw is about 24 inches long, enough to do a flexible bidirectional motion to cut or prune wood.

The chain saw can cut through the wood in seconds, with 11 bidirectional sharp cutting saw blades.

Industrial grade quality to promise your cutting efficiency and require.

Durable & Tough

The chain is made with heat-treated Mn steel alloy, toughest and durable, corrosion, and rust-resistant.

Come with self-cleaning cutting teeth and soft nylon paracord handles.

It will not hurt your hands or cause blisters.

Gives you a more comfortable feel to grab.

Lightweight & Portable

This 170 gram pocket chain saw with a folding design, can be easily folded into the storage bag(about 5.91*5.31 inches).

You can attach it to your belt or take it into your backpack for convenience.

Ready for the need of emergency outdoor situations.

Perfect & Practical

If you’re a hiker, outdoors enthusiast, survivalist, hunter, or anyone who needs to live in isolated or deserted locations.

No doubt it is a very useful and perfect survival tool for all outdoor activities!

This pocket saw is perfect for cutting down the wood whenever and wherever: Like hiking, camping, yard work, and some outdoor emergency situation.

Committed to saving your time and effort effectively!