Picture Frame HD Hidden Camera w/ Night Vision

$159.95 $149.95

When we trust our most valuable possessions with nannies, coworkers, and roommates almost anything can happen. That’s why the Picture Frame HD Hidden Camera w/ Night Vision is a great way to keep an eye on your home or office while you are absent.

The camera is hidden in this sleek black (or white) picture frame. The built-in battery has an astonishing capacity, giving up to 2 Year in Standby mode, and with built-in hidden IRs for a clear vivid picture of day or night, the ultimate choice for your hidden cam and nanny cam needs.

The Picture Frame HD Hidden Camera w/ Night Vision is a state-of-the-art 720p video and audio recording solution hidden inside a sleek picture frame. Although stylish, this picture frame gives no indication of its true hidden capabilities.

The picture frame can be hung on a wall or placed on your desk or a bookshelf.  If you suspect that a co-work or a roommate is doing something that they aren’t supposed to you can capture the evidence discretely with this picture frame.

Because of the Picture Frame HD Hidden Camera w/ Night Vision's extensive two-year standby life, this picture frame should be in everybody’s vacation home or a home away from home. Now when you get back and something looks out of place you will have the video evidence to know what happened.

The Picture Frame HD Hidden Camera w/ Night Vision can also continuously record for up to 30 hours from one single charge.  

  Switch the camera into motion detection mode easily and now you have a long-term surveillance solution that will only record during motion for up to 2 years.

The hidden camera picture frame has built-in invisible IR to record in the darkest conditions and still give you great video. The IRs work for up to 9 feet away.

The Picture Frame HD Hidden Camera w/ Night Vision is a great and versatile solution for if you are worried about somebody breaking into your home or office, watching your baby or dog sitter while you're away or a long-term surveillance solution for places you leave unattended long term.

No matter the space you are trying to monitor, this picture frame is the solution for you.

Main Features

  • Wide angle 72° lenses, perfect for capturing a large area.
  • Built-in microphone that records sound with video, or just sound.
  • High definition 1280x720 crystal clear video quality.
  • Invisible Night Vision 
  • Night Vision Up to 9 feet away
  • No blinking lights or any LEDs to raise suspicion while recording.
  • Built-In Rechargeable Battery (30 hours non-stop or up to 2 Years Standby)
  • Records onto Micro SD cards up to 32GB in size (sold separately)
  • Easy time & date setup (time & date stamp is superimposed in the corner of the video)