Pic Trace

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Photo Investigation Tool

If a photo is worth a thousand words, thousands of photos will tell you the whole story.

When computer forensic investigators start their examinations of computers and cell phones, one of the first things they do is scour the pictures.

Pic Trace is a combination of a quick picture examination tool for Windows computers, Androids, and iPhones as well as a fast and easy tool to backup your photos.

Getting photos from your phone to your computer can be difficult for many people.

Pic Trace is the easiest way to backup your phone's photos.

Pictures are stored directly to the PicTrace USB drive which means even if your computer hard drive fails, you have a backup of your pictures.

Best of all, there's no cloud service & no monthly fees.

Pic Trace also backs up phone app photos from Instagram, Facebook, Viber, Whatsapp, and Wechat.

This means all of your favorite photos saved by these apps can easily be investigated and backed up to your Pic Trace.


Quick backup grabs photos from default Windows locations

  • Advanced settings allow you to choose which drives & folders to scan for photos
  • 32 GB of backup storage space can store thousands of photos
  • Backs up photos from iPhones connected to your computer
  • Backs up photos from Androids connected to your computer
  • Backs up photos from phone apps
  • No duplicates! Detects already backed up photos and skips them

What's Included:

Paraben PicTrace


90 Day Manufacturer Limited Warranty